Who we are and what do we offer?

Hello to everyone!

My name is ZUMER and I'm DUMPS VENDOR. My team skimms dumps in a lot of regions of our planet and sells them for all carders.

We are professionals. We know all aspects of this biz and we always have fresh qualitative stuff.

Our databases are always fresh, because we don't keep dead and old stuff. We always update our bases with fresh skimmed dumps which up to date and have high quality stuff with real valid rate like 90%.

I'm prefer to work with professional carders which know what they do and what dumps are for, but of course I sell dumps for everyone who needs them.

Most of our dumps are skimmed in all USA states. Our sources are very good, because we use modern equipment and our guys skimm dumps in shops, restaurants and molls with high prices, so dumps have good balances. We have own techniques to check dumps bases to remove dead dumps and to keep good dumps alive as longer as possible.

I suggest flexible discounts and different prices for all my customers. So, my service is good for standalone carders, for big carders groups and for resellers.

We can get different stuff types from different countries, so if you need some specific dumps, bins, banks or countries you shlould to ask me about them.

  1. jtwindowcleaning.com

I'm sure that my service will help you to make good money and both of us will be satisfied!


Date: 23 Feb 2013

Big batch of fresh trk1+trk2 dumps is available. High quality and low prices. Do not waste your time and try very good stuff.

Date: 4 Feb 2013

New fresh batch of track2 dumps is available. Valid rate is 90%. Prices are the same. All customers which will place good orders will get bonuses. Contact me for more info.

Date: 19 Jan 2013

I got big fresh base of excellent skimmed dumps. Do not waste your time and place test order!

Date: 9 Jan 2013

We started to accept pre-orders for dumps. Do not waste your time and try our new products! All info about pre-orders by email

Date: 8 Jan 2013

I finished to work on new site design. Welcome to my new site and check it, because it has a lot of new information!

Date: 12 Dec 2012

New site is finished! I congratulate all my customers and visitors of my site!